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Domestic Violence

Helping Families Heal

Often time’s police are called when a neighbor hears a simple dispute. Once the police are involved it usually means someone will be taken to jail, even if there was no physical contact, especially if alcohol is involved. Our investigator will interview all parties involved to get the truth. It is important you document any injuries you received; take photos of any red marks, bruising, scratches or other injuries. Some injuries fade with time while others, like bruising, do not appear right away so it is very important that this evidence is preserved.
People believe that if they don’t want to press charges then the police will drop the case. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Once the police are called it is out of the victim’s hands. The District Attorney has a specific department, Family Protection Unit, that handles all domestic violence charges. This unit is very aggressive in prosecuting these cases. We understand how to work with these prosecutors to explain when a situation is just an argument, or mutual combat and not domestic violence. We also understand that sometimes anger management and counseling may be appropriate for the situation.

Domestic Violence: Practices
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